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New Bedford Management Corp.
210 East 23rd Street, 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10010

Tel. 212-674-6123
Fax: 212-532-0248
Co-ops & Condos

In business since 1985, New Bedford Management has a proven track record of providing hands-on management services supported by a staff of in-house professionals.

Representing Cooperatives and Condominiums for over 25 years, New Bedford recognizes the unique concerns of the homeowner community and its elected representatives, the Board of directors.  New Bedford is able to provide you with a custom service, maintenance and financial plans to meet your needs at reasonable cost.

Services Included In Monthly Fee:

Financial Services:

  1. Invoice, collect, deposit and maintain complete records of monthly common charges.
  2. Notification of maintenance arrears.
  3. Management Computer Program
    • Computerized balance sheet with break down of deposits and disbursements
    • Monthly breakdown of all revenue and expenses for Owners.
    • ACH Transaction Debit: Direct debit of Rent without checks.
    • Computer generated budget tailored to your buildings needs.
  4. Work with board to create annual budget
  5. Bookkeeping: Accounts payable and receivable. Continuously maintain separate accurate and current account balance information. All funds for your building will be held in a separate account and never commingled.
  6. Provide accountant with all necessary reports for year-end statement.

Management Services:

  1. Manage building staff.
    • Supervise Staff
    • Interface with union representatives.
    • Communicate board priorities and concerns.
    • Provide onsite presence with Residents and Staff
  2. Approve and monitor renovations to ensure that contractors are properly licensed and insured. Enforce compliance with local and state building codes.
  3. Schedule and file all necessary inspections of physical plant and equipment
  4. Clear open violations if needed.
  5. Provide computerized work order tracking.
  6. Vendor relations.
    • Establish relationships with qualified, licensed professionals.
    • Analyze and audit all service contracts annually.
    • Bid out all agreements for best price and coverage.
    • Provide Owners with multiple bids for large contracts.
  7. Manage shareholder/owner service orders and complaints.

Attend all board and building meetings.

1. Provide monthly:

  • Management Status Report.
  • Maintenance arrears.
  • Financial Statement.

Coordinate resales of units.

  1. Create condo sales package if needed.
  2. Make sure board package is properly completed.
  3. Coordinate closings at our offices.

New Bedford Management has an aggressive, pre-emptive management style to fix small problems before they become large and expensive ones. We take great pride in our work.  The board and owners will know that New Bedford will always be there when you need us.All phone calls are responded to same day and our emergency response is immediate.


Peter von Simson, NYARM to learn more about our services.

Peter von Simson, NYARM
Chief Executive officer
New Bedford Management Inc.